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April 22nd, 2014

Krampus Has Arrived

April 20th, 2014

Happy Easter! 


Not certain from where this vintage image orginates, but it does appear that Krampus is hatching from an Easter egg!

Photo Hunting Indigo and Still Life

April 18th, 2014
Native Canadian art displayed on an indigo background. Royal Ontario Museum
Native masks

Pretty Easter flowers.

Happy photo hunting and Happy Easter if you celebrate, and thank you for visiting my blog!


April 19 : Stillife
April 26 : Traces

19th ~ Indigo
26th ~ Ink

Remembering Easters Past

April 17th, 2014
To me this photo brings fond memories of my parents kitchen, colouring Easter eggs, and the ability to eat huge quantities of chocolate bunnies, and candy.  :)