Photo Hunting Feathers

November 21st, 2014

My youngest daughter handfeeding chickadees a few years ago.

A woodpecker going about his business. Woody!


 Hawk on the hunt. I think we disturbed her lunch.





Scaling The Wall

November 18th, 2014




Wordless Wednesday

Photo Hunting Books

November 14th, 2014

The Lillian Smith Library on College has the coolest entranceway of all the libraries in the city in my opinion.


A pot of tea with my mug and a spooky book from the library.
Some "jokers" decided the above titles belonged in the Sci-Fi  and Fantasy shelves of the local used book shop.
Some of my UFO books. Some better than others and some that would be more suited to a Sci-Fi shelf
U of T bookshop at the St George campus.
Lots of books here.
This one caught my eye.



Pedal Faster

November 12th, 2014