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Some Ultra-terrestrial Inspiration

December 31st, 2017
I call him JR and I dream about him sometimes. His messages in a symbolic dream language tend to be very peaceful and loving, and occasionally very, very mischievous. more »

DIY Shabby Chic On The Cheap

August 15th, 2016
This is my first attempt at repurposing an old, used piece of furniture into a fun shabby chic piece. It was fairly easy to do and cost me under $25 bux. Cheap, chic, and fun to do, plus I can feel good about recycling! more »

Just Don't Call Me Suzy

January 5th, 2015
Baking like its 1869! I wanted to try a little healthy baking this afternoon with some wild blueberries I had been saving. more »

Feeling Crafty

December 19th, 2014
These are some of my craft projects. One of the best Summers of my life I spent with my young niece, who loves arts and crafts, so we spent a lot of our time together being creative. And one of our projects was these "Green Dolls," which we made us… more »

Hats and Hat Pins

June 6th, 2014
    These photos are of my attempts at being creative with two old felt/wool hats I bought at a thrift store. I made both the feather and skull hat pins out with some feathers from the craft store, ribbon, and some beads I had.        Since… more »