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Girl Power

March 1st, 2011
Girl power! more »

Books That Shaped My Thoughts

February 22nd, 2011
A book you?ve read that changed your views on something. I cannot think of one single book that I have read that has completely changed my mind on something, but there are several that have helped to shape my present views on life, death, Ear… more »

Thirteen Autumn Things

November 12th, 2009
1. Leaves changing colours 2. Shorter days 3. Longer nights 4. Cooler weather 5. Raking leaves 6. Kids jumping into piles of leaves 7. Smell of wood burning fireplaces 8. Pumpkins 9. Maize or Indian corn 10. Halloween (Samhain) 11. Hot Apple C… more »

13 Favourite Old School Video Games

November 5th, 2009
Yep, that is an Atari 2600 pictured above, which should give you an idea of how long I've been a gaming addict. Here is a list of my 13 fave video games of all-time for different gaming consoles. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2. The Legen… more »

My Thirteen Favourite Monsters

October 29th, 2009
The following is a listing of my 13 favourite non-Dr Who monsters. I could fill a listing, and half with those. Maybe next week ;) 1. Baba Yaga in Slavic mythology, the wild old woman; the witch; and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest sp… more »