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Wildflowers and the Setting Sun

September 19th, 2016
In a world that believes all the glitters is gold I find my truth, meaning, and solace in nature. more »

Ghost Stories: Haunted Ontario Lakes

October 25th, 2015
It is a dark and chilly late October day. The wind is quite literally whistling outside my window as I sit down to write-up this review for Haunted Ontario Lakes. And I cannot help, but to feel this is the perfect time for anyone to get into some good ghostly tales. more »

#BeachBum4Life Part Two

July 21st, 2015
A few more random pics from Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. One of my favourite places to visit. more »

#BeachBum4Life Sauble Beach Ontario

July 14th, 2015
Some random photos I took at one of my favourite Summer places more »

Seeking The Mystical

May 15th, 2015
My own most powerful mystical experiences have always involved the natural world. I would suggest to those who are seekers to spend time alone with nature either hiking in the wilderness, swimming in the ocean, or even just walking through a neighborhood park. more »


April 3rd, 2015
This photo of an abandoned farmhouse was taken several years ago. It is just off the highway near Shelburne Ontario, and I have had my eye on it for years. I do not have a more recent photo, but believe it or not it still stands! The old house is aging well despite its years of neglect. She must have a really good foundation. I will be sad on the day that I pass-by her and she have finally fallen to the ground to be reclaimed by nature. more »

Hiking the trails and brush

February 27th, 2015
Hiking along an old rail trail in Caledon, Ontario. more »

Dolls From The Past

May 13th, 2014
One of the more interesting exhibits at the Historic Bouvaird House in Brampton Ontario, in my opinion, is their vintage doll collection.The dolls range in age from the 19th century through to the early 20th century when you begin to see the large scale more »