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Buckle My Shoe - A Book Review

May 8th, 2014
I recently underwent abdominal surgery, which has left me laid up and recuperating at home. On the one hand I have been experiencing a lot of cabin fever as the weather is finally starting to warm up, but on the other hand this time of recovery has allo… more »

The Miseries Of Human Life

January 30th, 2012
I came across this book at a local garage sale a few years back, and with a title like "The Miseries of Human Life" and a price tag of 50 cents I naturally could not resist adding it to my collection. Although this book was written over two hundred y… more »

Smoke Mirrors and Murder

May 4th, 2011
I recently reread Ann Rule's Smoke Mirrors and Murder, and can say if you are an Ann Rule fan or a fan of true crime you will not be disappointed. I am no longer suffering insomnia, but was unable to put this book down, and quickly read it cover to cove… more »

The Seance

November 27th, 2010
I would describe myself as a voracious reader of books. At any given time I tend to be reading at least three books, devouring a few chapters of each and then switching them up until they are all finished, and of course more are introduced. This has bee… more »