Comment from: Shanon Sinn [Visitor]
Shanon SinnThis is a very interesting post Sue. Obviously very personal as well, so thank you for sharing. I've had similar experiences with different oracles including ouija boards, where the item had an immediate feeling of another's presence when it was pulled out. There was a sense that these energies -- or spirits if you will -- were around a lot more during those periods of time we were using them and diminished when there was no intent to contact the other side. Including, as you had mentioned, raps and other things like lights turning on or off, traditionally associated with poltergeist activity. I like your approach here, and your balance of rational and open-mindedness.

I am glad to hear that the feelings that came with losing your mom subsided over time. I am even happier to hear that she still visits in your dreams :)
08/06/16 @ 16:38
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
Thank you for your kind words Shanon and I am happy to hear you enjoyed this post. :)

08/06/16 @ 16:47
Comment from: Gertrude [Visitor]
GertrudeBack in the early 90's I became involved with a group in which many facets of psychic phenomena was explored. Scrying the term which I choose to use was part of the components. The sessions were controlled in which there were always 2 accurate recorders to write down as to what manifested in the mirror. Which would be compared to the participants who were involved. There were also energy manipulations between the scryer and the participant who was being read. When the sessions were done, the participant who was the scryer would then tell the group what they saw manifest on or near participant 2. Then the recorders would tell the group what they had seen. It was a energy workshop combined with the viewing of suggested past life and/ or passed away relatives...

I was there to learn and explore this different aspect of myself for personal reasons. However, what I found interesting about the phenomena was that the supposed deceased friends or relative that would superimpose on the subjects faces would be in a bluish hue colour, and the supposed past life or vibration that the subject was somehow connected to came through in a greenish hue. And yes during different workshops it would not be uncommon to hear your name or someone elses name called from time to time. Hearing communications in other languages have been reported from time to time as well. Please excuse the typos, Regards, Gertrude. Any questions feel free to email
08/07/16 @ 16:34
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
Thank you so much for sharing this with me Gertrude. Fascinating experiences, and please do not worry if there are any typos. I do it all the time :)

I wonder why the "bluish" colour? And then the "greenish"... If I've had past lives I wish I could recall them......
08/07/16 @ 16:56
Comment from: Gertrude [Visitor]
GertrudeAlthough the sessions were interesting and coloured differentials noted, I still was not convinced what I perceived was indeed a past life per say. As I furthered my studies into this phenomena, at that point in time, the colours for example blue for the communication chakra and green the heart chakra was the energetic center that the phenomena chose to work through at the sessions. How I separated the 2 was the supposed deceased friends or relatives seemed to choose use was the throat chakra (blue)which the participants involved recognised as a passed on friend or relative. Hope this clarifies. Gertrude.

08/07/16 @ 23:38
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
Gertrude -> Thank you again and it does. I wonder now if the psychomanteum could also be a tool for accessing memories from a past life.
08/08/16 @ 07:36
Comment from: Massimo [Visitor]
MassimoThere is a deep emotional intensity in what you write in a so clear way, as well as a very rational and lucid detached way in your description, while you are observing aseptically yourself during the experiment. You really make the reader plunge into the reality of those moments of your life, which indeed have happened to many other persons and that unite all of them, through sorrow, to universal love. Description is vivid. It is interesting also from the perspective of a physical scientist, as you speak the way a scientist would. You speak of consciousness and how emotional events can boost its altered states.

I was particularly impressed when you write: " And when I made attempts to really consciously listen to the words the trance state would be broken." Exactly the same thing happened to me during some truly impressive hypnagogic visions: as soon as I tried to rationalize and quantify or mentally focus on what I was seeing so lucidly visions suddenly stopped, much to my frustration. It seems that ?another brain? is going on here, and passing to normal brain (rational) functions suddenly closes the door.

You excited my curiosity a lot, and I want to attempt the same experiment: you were clear and accurate in the description of the procedure. But I do know that the outcome (in case) depends only on how I might be able to prepare my inner self.
09/24/18 @ 15:11
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
Massimo -> Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. I look forward to your experiments and know you inspire me greatly.
09/24/18 @ 15:41

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