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VCYour comment about "the falling leaf" idea of the UFO really shocked me with an instant connection to one of my earliest memories witnessing a bizarre and frightening experience in my bedroom that was certainly an altered state of reality involving many feathers drifting downward onto a baby crib illuminated by red lighting, and the feathers were falling down like leaves going back and forth. The scene of the falling feathers, like leaves floating downward and swaying sideways was in super slow motion too... like a snow globe. My memory of this experience was very frightening at the time it happened, as there also was the illumination of a "scary" theater mask viewing this scene suspended above and beside the baby crib. I did have a baby sister, so maybe this was her crib. I'm 18 months older, and I think this memory of mine happened between 3-4 years old.

I've had many other "paranormal experiences" including two unrelated UFO sightings at very different ages childhood vs adult.

I heard this leaf falling idea about another UFO sighting that is somewhere in the UFO lore, but it did not provoke that childhood memory that your UFO leaf idea instantly brought back from one of my earliest memories.

Interesting to me at least.
06/18/17 @ 13:16
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
Thank you so much for your comment VC, and for sharing this memory. I am happy you enjoyed the show, and had this super intriguing memory recall, and I would love to hear more about your experiences if you would like to share. My email is sue@pararesearchers.org if you would like to reach out in private. Thanks so much again, Sue
06/18/17 @ 14:10

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