Mary And Her Nest

March 13th, 2015

Apparently cats do nest as is evidenced by my cat Mary (named for the Scottish Queen) who was perched as always on top of my desk as I tried to come up with some ideas for the theme this week.



I don't think she was amused when I snapped this pic, and interupted her afternoon nap.

Happy Friday the 13th! I consider 13 a lucky number and paticularly when it falls on a Friday a good luck day. I hope it will be for you as well :)  


I put the Pez in the Pez Dispenser

March 10th, 2015


 and the Sue in Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueper Genius &#59;)


A Custom

March 6th, 2015


This wee imp was a gift from my very first house guest Witch Ashley - The White Witch of Niagara. It is customary to bring a gift for your hostess, not only as a guest, but in this case served a dual custom of house warming and blessings too. And I have treasured him ever since. I am a strong believer in the importance of rituals, customs, and traditions that build our cultures, and can assist us in forming positive bonds and memories with others.


A Fractal Dandelion - The Internet Mapped

March 3rd, 2015


 "THE INTERNET 2010" - The Opte Project


"This image was never released publicly prior to 2014. It has only been viewable at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, and in an edition of Discover Magazine. It is the first version of the image rendered using BGP as the data points rather than raw traceroutes. This is a large departure from the original traceroute images, and as a result, provides a framework for future and past images based on the Route Views table dump archive.  The color selection is based the color of incandescence, where the most connection points represent the highest temperatures in terms of colors of light."


Date: Nov 22 2010

Graph Engine: LGL


Beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring.......... 


Not So Wordless Wednesday

Hiking the trails and brush

February 27th, 2015

I was trying to think a little outside of the box for this week's "brush" theme. And I came up with these photos I took while hiking along an old rail trail in Caledon, Ontario last year. These were taken close to dusk, and you can see quite a lot of "brush" in the foreground. After this long and extremely cold winter I look forward to the milder temperatures and some good hiking trails like this one. 

Normally I don't mind Winter, but I am definitely suffering cabin fever now, and the mid winter blues. Too much more and I'll be having a Winter breakdown..... Bring on the Spring already!




I Looked Into The Water

February 24th, 2015
I looked into the water, and
my destiny was drifting past..... 


Destiny; Bridgeman Art Library at London  John William Waterhouse, (1849-1917) 


February 13th, 2015


Those who know me well, know that I love to occasionally "haunt" cemeteries as places for peaceful reflection, and because I have a fondness for funerary, and memorial art. I came across this particular stone in a pioneer cemetery not far from where I live. I felt compelled to take a photo of it, perhaps because the cracks in the heart that have naturally occurred through time are both poignant and symbolic. And it struck me that the wee heart shape would not have been the norm at all for its time period. Its beautiful, and sad, and this child for his very short life was most certainly cherished by those who loved him so very long ago. 


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Sometimes Is Today

February 10th, 2015


 And really....when isn't it sometimes? :)